Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology digital egg collection

In collaboration with the Natural History of Ecuador's Mainland Avifauna and Yanayacu Biological Station, the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, CASA will be displaying digital images of bird eggs housed in their collection in Camarillo, California.  We have just begun this process, and will first focus the majority of our efforts on digitizing eggs of species of birds which occur in Ecuador. Please see below for a description of how egg images are labled.

If you would like to view images of entire clutches please click HERE

If you would like to view images of individual eggs please click HERE

To view images of eggs for a specific species, please visit the species main page by using the search function in the upper right hand portion of the CASA homepage. 

                                                    IMAGE LABELING DESCRIPTION

Each images is labled with the unique WFVZ museum collection number which identifies which set of eggs the image refers to.  When you click on the image you will see several links to the right of the image.  The top link will tell you to which species the eggs belong. Below the image will be displayed the "image name" which contains further information about the egg(s) including: species, collection number, date collected, collector's last name, and general location.  If any of these data are unavailable, they are not included.  This is a temporary way to identify each image.  In the future we hope to have text below the image with further information explained in detail about each specimen.  Click HERE for an example of how we hope each image will be labled in the future.  Eventually there will be thousands of images available, requiring many hours of work.  If you would like to help us with image labeling, please contact Harold Greeney at revmmoss@yahoo.com or Rene Corado at rene@wfvz.org 


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